Original TV Pilots


Ambulance Chaser "Pilot"

Half hour, single-camera sitcom

Combining aspects of legal, medical and police procedurals, Ambulance Chaser centers on Russ Malachi, a down on his luck lawyer trying to eke out a living despite being mediocre at best.


P.I. Jane "P.I.Lot Jane"

Hour long, single-camera action-dramedy

Adapted from the original (web)comic book series also created by Burke and Sorkin, P.I. Jane is an action-comedy series that follows the misadventures of a twenty-something girl detective. Think Veronica Mars meets The Middleman and Spaced.

Check out the P.I. Jane comic at pi-jane.com.

I See Monsters "Pilot"

Half-hour all-ages animated sitcom

Adapted from the original comic book series The KinderGuard (also created by Burke and Sorkin), I See Monsters is about The KinderGuard, a group of adorable, plucky monster-huntin’ children that operate out of their super secret base, The Playground.


Planet-X "Pilot"

Half-hour PG-13-ish animated sitcom

A group of misfit superheroes banished to a distant planet. Think The Office staffed with superheroes with a dash of HBO’s Oz.​

Spec Scripts


Parks and Recreation "The Taste of Pawnee"

Leslie works with the Indiana Tourism Board from Indianapolis to resurrect the Taste of Pawnee festival, which had disastrous results the last time it was held. Elsewhere, the staff plays hooky.

Note: So, it’s the bittersweet time to retire this spec, as the show tackled familiar waters when Pawnee merged with Eagleton and the gang meets their Eagleton doppelgängers… which is the exact plot of our spec, but with Indianapolis. Sigh… But good to know we’re on the same page as the pros. Though we won’t submit this one anymore, I’ve decided to leave it up here because why the hell not?

Onto the next one…

Comic Book Scripts


P.I. Jane Issue 01

Somnology 101: The Science of Sleepwalking

The first issue of the rebooted Jane series (we converted it from strip-form to a full, single issue rolled out a page per week). Jane gets assigned a case involving a quirky sleepwalker and tries to shake a pesky shadow stalking her.


The KinderGuard Issue 01

Story 01 "Zoey"
Zoey’s worried about her trip to her grandmother’s house this weekend. Why? There’s something there besides Grandma. Her brother wants nothing to do with her, so she find help in an unlikely place. The first half of the first issue, this is the script (then called I See Monsters) that would be adapted and expanded into the animated pilot above.