I’m Not Omnigirl


I'm Not Omnigirl

The brainchild of my writing partner, Lauren Burke and artist Megan Brennan, I’m Not OmniGirl was originally a 4-page story included in the 2012 all-female produced Womanthology: Heroic omnibus, which featured DOZENS of talented ladies makin’ comics, including luminaries like Ann Nocenti, Gail Simone and Renee de Liz.

The story was too good to end there, however, and has been expanded into a several-issue mini-series. It remains written by Lauren and drawn by Megan, only now I’ve come on board to do letters and production under the Monkeys + Typewriters Press umbrella.

A tale as old as time, involving mistaken identity, sisters and superheroes. And waffles (issue 02)!


Issue 01

Issue 02