I and my creative team have a​ppeared in a number of anthologies, with more coming in the future, no doubt. These are mostly chronological, oldest to newest. All pieces written with Lauren Burke, except where noted.


​Captain Amazing to the Rescue! (One and Done from InvestComics)​

Benefiting the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund (CBLDF), the One and Done Anthology from InvestComics is an anthology featuring dozens of creators, each telling their own complete story in one page. The topic? Death and mortality.

This was our entry, loosely based on a George Reeves-type character in the twilight of his life, itching for some action one last time.

(art by Antonio Maldonado)

Pie vs. Cake: Battle of the Bands (Bandthology)​

Bandthology is a music-themed anthology from King Bone Press, featuring a bunch of talented writers and artists with all types of stories. We developed our Pie and Cake characters (best known as our own in-house Itchy & Scratchy in P.I. Jane) into a different kind of conflict than they’re used to.

Pick up a copy from our store or from King Bone Press!

(art by Antonio Maldonado)

Sound & Fury (Bandthology II: Another Music Anthology)​

For the anthology’s sequel, we formed a new band– Twisted Nerve– whose lead singer signed them up for more than they could handle. Also, there’s luchadores(!!!).

Pick up a copy from our store or from King Bone Press!

(art by Antonio Maldonado)

The White Cliffs of Home (Steampunk Originals, Vol. 2)​

This is a brief, 2-page story that I used as guinea pig to test out the “torn-from-a-journal”-style captions (used in earnest in The Borley Reports, below).

Grab a copy now through Arcana’s website in print or digital.

(written by Jamie Lambert; art by Eduardo Borras Cacho)

The Borley Reports (Skin Crawling Comics “The Appetite”)​

A period piece set in the 1930’s, The Borley Reports is based on the true story of Harry Price, a British psychic researcher and author who recruited observers from all walks of life to investigate any paranormal activity at the Borley Rectory, long believed to be haunted. The story follows the day-to-day activities of one of those observers.

This anthology can be found at

(art by Anissa Espinosa)