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I’m Greg Sorkin— a comic book letterer-slash-writer based out of Chicago (well, adjacent). I’m a self-taught letterer with a degree in Television Writing & Production from Columbia College Chicago (BA ’07). Oh, and I’m a pop culture junkie with an insane memory for dumb trivia, so I hope you like references!

You may see “Font Lord” thrown around on this page a bit. Why? Well, a couple years ago, I took over lettering on P.I. Jane from our artist. I was learning on-the-fly and fell in love with the process. So of course, my creative team started calling me– condescendingly at first, I believe– the “Font Lord.” And as bad nicknames are wont to do, it stuck (around them, at least). Frankly, it’s just not true. If anyone, Nate Piekos or Richard Starkings or Chris Eliopoulos are Font Lords. I am but a Font Knave to them. But that’s not quite as catchy, is it, so Font Lord it is!

If you’re looking for comic book lettering or production, a logo designed, and/or a writer/editor, have a look at my work. My turnaround is fast, my rates are reasonable and my work is professional and quality.

Drop me a line, tell me about your project, and let’s work together!

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